I set this up purely to talk about filmmaking, to pass on any tips I have learned over the years. I see lots of filmmaking teachers, guru’s. Some are good at teaching the basics. (Even though they don’t make films!) But the world of film production, distribution, marketing is changing rapidly. A lot of the old stuff that is being taught won’t work for today.

Anyway, I have no desire to be a teacher, but I do want to pass on stuff that I have learned over the years, as so many people in this biz still teach and talk a lot of nonsense. I think it can be better tips from someone who is actually currently in the progress of making films, self distributing, and who is about to deal with Hollywood soon.

Anyway, take what you think sounds right, dump what you think is wrong in your opinion. All these videos will be free. I will also be creating a 90 minute film school type video at the end of the year, that has a lot more to it. It’s called “Without Permission”  I really believe you can learn all the basics you need to know from this.

Saying this, I will always be a student too. Coppola recently said he is going back to being a student with his small films. So it amazes me when teachers say they are “masters”, “Experts” at what they do. It’s a constantly learning process forever, but there are some basic rules, so that’s all I want to try and communicate.

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